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VEEM Propellers are working very hard on an industry-leading Propeller Calculator that will change the way users buy yacht propellers or boat propellers.

The VEEM ‘Quick Calc’ will launch this month and encourages users to “have a play”, using easy to access boat specifications to get a propeller type and size recommendation, and an estimated price. This is the very first propeller selector that can give you a size AND price estimate on the spot using over 50 years of extensive test data and research, and industry-leading accuracy.

VEEM’s naval architects and programmers collaborated over a period of months developing the calculator, to ensure it was not only convenient and easy to use, but contained enough information to be able to present accurate size and price information to users at their request, any time of the day or night.

Stephen Vincent, Global Sales manager for VEEM Ltd quotes, “VEEM Propeller size suggestions and prices are now easily accessible to all our customers. You can select and price our world leading, fully CNC machined propellers in the comfort of your own home, when your on the move or even aboard your vessel. VEEM Propeller information is now truly at your fingertips.”

At any time throughout the calculation process users are able to save their process, contact a naval architect for help or use VEEM’s generic data for additional assistance. This, coupled with VEEM’s advanced online ordering system, makes it even easier for distributors and OEM’s to order the world’s best propellers.

“These complex calculators will change the way all users source propeller size suggestions and simple price requests. Boat builders, our distributors, and even the general marine industry or private boat owners can now access a quick price for a variety of input vessel specifications,” Stephen Vincent comments. With nothing similar in the marine industry currently available, it is predicted that the new VEEM ‘Quick Calc’ will also soon become an integral tool in the vessel design process by supplying the optimum propeller diameter for a given engine and gear ratio selection, for any vessel.

The ‘Quick Calc’ is the first propeller calculator to be released by VEEM propellers in 2014 and will be followed by a series of other tools that will help boat builders and owners improve the performance of their vessels. These tools will also be available offline as an application for your smart phone or tablet so that they can be accessed on board if you are out range.