Service and Support

When it comes to support, we know how important it is that you can receive service wherever you are in the world. Whether you are cruising through the Mediterranean, performing essential maintenance off the coast or half a world away from your vessel’s usual docking location – VEEM wanted to ensure you could receive immediate and exceptional levels of service when you need it most.

Our Support Commitment

Not just a vendor – but your business partner

With a comprehensive package of services, well trained staff, and parts availability we make our promise come true: shortest possible reaction time to service requests. For the entire life cycle of your vessel, our service strategy is geared to the highest possible Client satisfaction. Buying a VEEM Marine product is an investment in safety and reliability.

As a part of the VEEM Group, VEEM Marine has been a reliable partner for over 50 years within the marine industry. Our experienced staff will assist you in all aspects of Marine Propulsion and Stabilisation Systems products.

Service Readiness

Reliability is based on readiness for service. It is our goal to ensure service readiness for all our products before they ever reach a Client. VEEM Marine implements the preparation of our service teams and service network early in the development of all our products.

Regional Service Support

Our Clients expect that we are close, this means that we speak their language and are awake when they are. We have established Regional Approved Service Centres to transfer the skills and the know-how of the PECs to each region. PECs care for their regional network and Clients. This gives us the flexibility to act local. At the same time global standards are realized in the regions. In APAC the Product Excellence Center takes the role of the RASC.

High Availability

VEEM Marine has established an after-sales & Service Network that supports the maritime sector globally. Our service teams ensure complete support and we are continuously ready for service when and where our Clients need us. Depending on where you are and what kind of service you request, four different levels are at your service:

  • Level 1: Product Excellence Centre (PEC)
  • Level 2: Regional Approved Service Center (RASC)
  • Level 3: Local Service Agents (LSA)
  • Level 4: After-sales & Service Points (ASSP)

This four-level approach helps us to ensure optimized delivery, installation, spare parts supply and service support within the shortest period of time. You will find more information on each level in the attached brochure.

Global After-sales & Support

VEEM Marine off various levels of after-sales service to support our Clients exacting needs.

1. Installing and commissioning

Great service starts with installation and commissioning.

Leverage VEEM Marine’ experience.

Experience has taught us that excellent dialogue and honest communication is vital to a project’s success. VEEM Marine offers tailored advice on all aspects of your Stabilisation and Propulsion system installation.


We provide tailored documentation such as specifications, drawings, instructions and installation manuals.


For all installations, our after-sales service team is available for support. Our personnel can answer any questions and provide any information required to ensure our VEEM Marine products are installed and perform to the exacting specifications.


During commissioning particularly of Stabilisation systems, we check that every aspect of the Gyrostabiliser has been installed correctly including mounting, wiring, piping and accessibility.

During Sea Trials we can both be onboard the vessel monitoring the performance but also using the telemetry to monitor and diagnose from shore at our PEC.

2. Support 24/7

Our global service network of support centres provides expert technical and operational support 24/7. A world of virtual collaboration ensures that Clients get the expertise they need, where and when it is needed.

3. Parts

As a single source supplier, we have a clear overview of every spare part for all of our Stabilisation and Propulsion products.

From flywheel to fastener, our parts are based on a consistent quality requirement with in-house engineering and production.

Your high-value equipment should not be lie idle whilst waiting for a new part. We focus on generous stocks and flexible logistics to minimise any interruption to your business, operations, safety and comfort.

Efficient Logistics and High-Speed Delivery

You get the parts you need, to the place you need, when you need them.

VEEM Marine spare parts and service kits are carefully selected to maintain and the extend the service life of the product and ensure trouble free operations.

Benefits of In-house production

VEEM Marine is able to start production while others are still negotiating with their sub-suppliers. This unique in-house capability means we can respond in a flexible manner and scale our ongoing production to ensure generous levels of stock.

Through continual investment in maintaining state of the art production facilities we have full control from A-Z. This in-house production provides a high level of confidence in our product and a unique capability provide exacting technical advice via our service centres.

4. Maintenance

VEEM Marine’ philosophy is to develop products that are able to be maintained in-situ without the costly requirement to dry-dock a vessel. Where possible we use remote monitoring and the on-board telemetry to alert the shipowner and crew of any alerts or warnings that may require attention. Through remote monitoring we are able to analyse the operations of our products and provide advice when it comes to extended service intervals or end of life rebuilds.

Where remote monitoring is not possible, we work with ship’s crew to save time and costs by getting the ships crew to report vital information such as

  • Running hours
  • Oil Analysis
  • System Checks- Any Alarms
  • Any leaks
  • Noise and/or any vibration
  • Observations and gut feeling

Via our online database VEEM Marine manages the maintenance schedule, upgrades and any other service related information for our Clients. In addition, to ensure the correct technicians and tools are available when required we manage our field resources via the online scheduling tool.

Our service team can trace the whole life of history. By keeping all the maintenance, upgrade and operational records in one database it ensures we provide continuity and support our Clients no matter if the Vessel changes Owners or the Owner changes Crew.

5. Upgrade/Retrofit

Many of our products are so robust and rugged that they may out live the original control, alarm and monitoring system.

We actively recognise that particularly controls and electronics go through obsolescence at a faster rate than mechanical and hydraulic components. As such VEEM Marine looks to ensure backwards compatibility with earlier products where possible.

6. Emergency Repair

VEEM Marine are able to act fast because we have the spares in stock. Additionally, we have the resources in house to manufacture most components for stock.

First call in the event of an emergency is VEEM Marine’ service department. Don’t hesitate to call whatever the time day or night. When you call us, a service technician with system competence will listen to you, knows the right questions to ask and will be able to advise.

7. Training

Training reduces life cycle costs

Farsighted vessel owners realise that well-trained crews lengthen the lifetime of the stabilisation and propulsion products, helping to prevent problems and optimise performance. VEEM Marine’ training philosophy is to:

  • Help crews to promote best practice from the start for safe, cost effective and reliable operation.
  • Look at the stabilisation and propulsion systems as a whole
  • Encourage a culture of professionalism and commitment
  • Train crews in basis monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Keep crew members up to date with technological advances

Training Strategy

  • Active learning with hands-on practical training during installation/commissioning through to regular servicing
  • Provision of courses and availability of in region technicians
  • Remote virtual service, used empower onboard personnel by using an Expert in the loop to troubleshoot, assess, and rapidly resolve issues during fault finding or maintenance.