Ultimate Performance

With precise engineering specific for each application, and world leading manufacturing perfection, it is no surprise that VEEM can warrant incredible performance on every propeller they produce.

Unlike other propeller manufacturers, VEEM delivers an entirely bespoke design for every propeller using their integrated design and manufacturing process. Computer generated design geometry is transferred flawlessly into castings via a bespoke molding technique, and then put through extreme accuracy CNC machining of the entire propeller surface. This guarantees the highest accuracy specific to your vessel and in turn, the highest performance.

Delayed Cavitation

VEEM Marine Propellers enjoy unrivalled success in the war against damaging cavitation erosion on vessels of all makes and sizes, at speeds even above 50 knots. This is due to VEEM’s patented, bespoke moulding technology and 5-axis compete CNC machining ensures industry leading geometric accuracy of the propeller, hub and root sections.

Harder Back-Down

VEEM undertake all metal alloying in house, unlike other manufacturers that traditionally use pre-alloyed metals from external suppliers. VEEM’s high-strength alloys and advanced propeller geometry, developed using CFD and FEA analysis, mean their propellers have better back-down performance than any other on the market.

Minimum Noise and Vibration

VEEM’s patented, advanced moulding technology and 5-axis, 100% complete CNC machining eliminates any imperfections in the finish of the blades and boss which leads to significantly quieter and smoother delivery of thrust. This accuracy and fairness delays the onset of cavitation, reduces its severity, and ensures that it is stable.

Extended Range and Efficiency

The freedom our designers enjoy from VEEM’s proprietary integrated design and manufacturing processes provides the optimum balance of maximum thrust with minimum losses for every propeller.  Bespoke sections, pitch distribution, profile, skew and tip geometry treatments combine to produce ultra-high efficiency propellers.

Maximum Speeds

Industry-leading geometric accuracy and high-strength materials allow VEEM propellers to achieve high speeds in excess of 50 knots with little to no signs of cavitation erosion on the blades. VEEM provides a unique, fully customized bespoke design for every propeller and because we do not use physical patterns, our propeller design specialists are free to specify a propeller design that can guarantee the highest performance for each project.