VEEM Dealers and Distributors

Contact a local VEEM dealer or distributor for support with purchasing a VEEM Propeller or a VEEM Gyro. Alternatively you can email the VEEM team at or

Asia and Oceania
Propellers Australia VEEM Ltd
Propellers Australia The Propeller Specialist
Propellers Australia Austral Propellers
Gyro Hong Kong Foilborne Engineering Paul Chow
+852 2687 2988
Gyro Korea Dong Kang M-Tech Sean Shin
+82 10 3282 1055
Propellers North America (WA) Olympic Propeller Co
Propellers North America (VA) Wildcat Propellers
Propellers North America (NC) Big Rock Propellers
Propellers North America (FL) Precision Prop Technology
Gyro North America Halo Iron Works Mark Tomlinson
+1 954 579 8884
Propellers North America (FL) General Propellers
Propellers North America (FL) Treasure Coast Propellers
Propellers North America (IL) Airmarine Inc.
Propellers Canada Osborne Propellers
Gyro South America (BR) Vision Marine
+55 (21) 2111-8077
Propellers North America (NT) Hale Propellers
Propellers South America (CR) Premium Marine
Propellers Netherlands & Northern Europe Dan Fisher
+61 (0)411 887 306
Propellers TBS Marine Italy
Propellers France Maucour France
Gyro Italy and Southern Europe VEEM Ltd Luca Signorini
+39 329 5980595
Gyro Ireland, UK and Scandanavia SureMarine Jonathan Shaw
+44 (0)7714 826843
Gyro Croatia DUING d.o.o Dubravko Simic
+385 51 682 492
Middle East
Gyro Middle East Exalto Emirates
+971(0) 6 545 3366