VEEM Propeller Applications

VEEM has designed a wide range of propellers to suit a variety of applications and vessels. From graceful, elegant displacement yachts, to high-speed sport fishers, VEEM can provide propellers that are perfect for the project without compromise.

VEEM’s unique 5-axis machining technology allows us to fully CNC machine 100% of the surfaces on complicated propellers, even where the application calls for seven or eight blades. VEEM can also apply its world-leading manufacturing methods to produce an external design with outrageous accuracy if that is preferred.


Each and every VEEM propeller is a unique creation, custom tailored without compromise for the specific project. Our industry-leading design and production process provides our propulsion design specialists with unconstrained freedom to create a fully bespoke propeller for every superyacht project.

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Sportsfishing Boats

Sport fishing boats have evolved into sophisticated high-powered, high-performance craft with a series of demanding requirements from the propellers. High acceleration and high maximum speeds are required to beat the fleet to the fishing grounds at the start of the day, and then race back to the club for weigh-in, so that actual fishing time is maximized.

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Sport Cruisers

Medium to high-speed sport cruisers require custom designs specific to each vessel in order to obtain optimum speed, smoothness and fuel economy. VEEM’s sport cruiser designs are created using the latest CFD technology and cavitation tunnel testing. These designs are then validated on full scale trial vessels.

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Military Vessels

VEEM deliver high-quality marine products and services to the military sector. Areas of expertise include propulsion, full shaft-lines, submarine valves, Naval refits and repairs. VEEM’s expertise in propeller design and selection has ensured that VEEM propellers are in service on a large number of high performance military vessels.

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Commercial Vessels

Trawlers and work boats require a propeller that offers maximum thrust, smoothness and maneuverability, whilst offering maximum fuel economy. VEEM’s primary focus is to design propellers with high efficiency. High propeller efficiency translates to improved fuel economy and increased vessel speed.

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Ferries and High Speed Craft

VEEM supplies many of the worlds’ leading ferry builders, providing both product and engineering design solutions. Propellers, shaft-lines, and ride control are all available as part of a package. A package solution from VEEM ensures component compatibility, accurate assembly and operational simplicity.

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