VEEM Marine Technical Whitepapers and Technical Notes

Latest whitepapers and technical notes from the VEEM Marine team

3 Common Gyro Sizing Myths

This whitepaper discusses 3 common myths relating to the calculation of required gyro size. Myth #1 : A gyro can be sized using simplistic simulations based on regular wave inputs. Myth #2 : A gyro stabilizer can be appropriately sized without considering wave height. Myth #3 : Angular momentum alone describes the ‘power’ of a gyro stabilizer.

How Gyrostabilizers Work

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive introduction to the features and operational principles of marine gyrostabilizers. It is intended to answer some of the many questions that owners, Captains, crew, and shipyard personnel have about this relatively new and exciting roll stabilization solution.

What is the GMT?

This article explains exactly what the mysterious GMT is and why it is such a critical number when discussing roll stabilization.

How Gyrostabilizers Create Stabilizing Torque

This whitepaper has been prepared with the aim of explaining exactly how marine gyrostabilizers create stabilizing torque, using diagrams and only basic mathematical formulae. This article is intended for technical people with a basic working knowledge of mathematics and physics.

How VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizers Create So Much Torque: Lessons from F1

We are often asked how the VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer range generates so much more stabilizing torque per unit of angular momentum, than its closest competitors. An automotive analogy may assist in explaining how this works.

Technical Note 1404 – Design of Mounting Structure

This technical note provides guidance on the loading cases to be considered in designing the structural interface between the VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer and the vessel.

GyroSize Calculator

Get a VEEM Gyro Size estimate instantly for your vessel.

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Gyrostabilizer Technology

How marine Gyrostabilizers work.

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Service and Support

Learn more about VEEM Marine servicing, spare parts, telemetry and remote servicing.

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Learn about our unique roll reduction performance simulation.

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