Sportfishing Boats

Sport fishing boats have evolved into sophisticated high-powered, high-performance craft with a series of demanding requirements from the propellers. High acceleration and high maximum speeds are required to beat the fleet to the fishing grounds at the start of the day, and then race back to the club for weigh-in, so that actual fishing time is maximised.

The high thrust generated to achieve this must be delivered smoothly and quietly. While trolling on the grounds, the wake must be clean and quiet to lure in the prize. The propellers must be strong enough in reverse to handle aggressive backing down to land a trophy fish on minimum line size. VEEM is passionate about designing and manufacturing dedicated sport fishing propellers that excel in each of these areas.

VEEM’s high-performance boat propellers are designed for sport fishing boats, providing high acceleration, speed, quiet operation and strong reverse thrust. Ideal for racing to the fishing grounds or quietly trolling for the catch. Reliable performance for sport fishing enthusiasts.

Propellers for Sportfishing Boats

Each VEEM high performance boat propeller for sport fishing boats is custom made without compromise, ensuring a unique creation for each specific project.

VEEMSportfish Series

Recommended for applications 22 – 50 knots

The VEEMSportfish propeller has been designed specifically to meet the demands of modern, high powered sport fishing vessels. Optimised using the latest computational fluid dynamics software, this propeller design has an unbeaten performance record on the tournament circuit. The VEEMSportfish has demonstrated unrivalled speed, manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency and smoothness. Blade tip geometry has been optimised to minimise visible vortex signatures, ensuring a clean wake during trolling. Every VEEMSportfish propeller is offered with the ability to customise all aspects of the propeller geometry.

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VEEMStar Series

Recommended for applications 14 – 20 knots

The VEEMStar propeller design has been developed as a high performance boat propeller for use on medium speed applications. As an “all round” propeller, it is ideal for use on pleasure and commercial applications where performance and smoothness are of particular importance. The VEEMStar achieves this with outstanding blade cavitation control, which results in increased efficiency and smoothness.

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VEEM Interceptor™ Technology

Adjust the relative pitch of each propeller blade in situ to enhance performance.

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Propeller Performance

VEEM delivers an entirely bespoke design for every propeller that maximises the performance of your vessel.

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The most advanced manufacturing in the world

VEEM Marine Propellers are designed better, manufactured to a higher quality and perform higher than any other propeller brand in the world. They are only propellers that are fully CNC machined over every inch, cast without wooden patterns and enable you to change the effective pitch without compromising quality. There is nothing in the world that achieves the same ultimate performance >

Bespoke Propeller Casting Process

VEEM has perfected a cutting-edge system that enables full customisation for every propeller they manufacture. Whether it’s just one propeller or a batch of one thousand, every propeller can be the same or unique.

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100% CNC Machined

Unlike competitors, VEEM Marine Propellers are 100% CNC machined to hair thickness accuracy over every square inch of the propeller, including the boss and high BAR overlapping blade propellers. This means we can manufacture exactly what we design and guaranteeing your performance.

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In-house Alloying

VEEM are one of the only propeller manufacturers in the world with the capabilities and expertise to undertake all metal alloying in house. This guarantees all materials are of the highest quality and every propeller is manufactured to perfection.

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