Sunseeker 116ft propellers

Sunseeker 116ft

Sunseeker 116ft propellers

Significantly improving fuel efficiency on a 116ft Sunseeker

To achieve maximum fuel efficiency at cruising speed (10 – 12 knots) while maintaining low noise and vibration levels, VEEM designed a set of propellers for the client. Vessel top speed was not critical for this application. VEEM were engaged to design and deliver a pair of fully classed RINA propellers before the next charter booking.

Built in 2019, the vessel featured 2 MTU 16v 2000 m96L engines and factory RINA approved propellers. The factory sea trial data provided information of the existing performance characteristics, including engine loading, fuel burn and speed at 200 RPM intervals. With the existing factory propellers enabled the Sunseeker to achieve 23.2 knots at 2459 RPM.

VEEM was able to reduce the annual fuel consumption of the yacht by 19,400 L. This resulted in a fuel saving of over $27,000 annually, quickly offsetting the cost of the new propellers. Over 500T of CO2 equivalent emissions will be avoided annually using the same typical operating profile. Given the size of the ever-growing super yacht market, significant reductions in marine CO2 emissions can be achieved simply by switching to more efficient propellers.

At 11.8 knots (1200 RPM) the efficiency and therefore, cruising range has been increased by 29%.This allows the boat to travel further on a given tank or operate with lighter fuel loads and compound the range increases.In the marine charter business, fuel is a major operational cost so the reductions have provided a profitability benefit to the owners.

The top speed of the vessel is now 27.7 knots at 2400 RPM, a 3.1 knot improvement over the factory propellers. A top speed of 23.2 knots was achieved at 2459 RPM with 91% engine load from factory. Now with 85% load, the vessel does 24.5 knots at 2200 RPM. This clearly shows the efficiency improvement is present throughout the rev range even though the design was focused at cruising speed.

“The new propellers have been nothing but a great success. We have experienced a 30-35% increase in fuel efficiency as we sought after. Funnily enough, the vessel at full noise now does 27.7 knots (sea-trialled) compared to the max of 24.6 knots it could achieve before. It also is maxing revs out at 2400 RPM in lieu of 2450 RPM at these speeds.”

VEEM Interceptor™ Technology

Adjust the relative pitch of each propeller blade in situ to enhance performance.

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Propeller Performance

VEEM delivers an entirely bespoke design for every propeller that maximises the performance of your vessel.

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The most advanced manufacturing in the world

VEEM Marine Propellers are designed better, manufactured to a higher quality and perform higher than any other propeller brand in the world. They are only propellers that are fully CNC machined over every inch, cast without wooden patterns and enable you to change the effective pitch without compromising quality. There is nothing in the world that achieves the same ultimate performance >

Bespoke Propeller Casting Process

VEEM has perfected a cutting-edge system that enables full customisation for every propeller they manufacture. Whether it’s just one propeller or a batch of one thousand, every propeller can be the same or unique.

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100% CNC Machined

Unlike competitors, VEEM Marine Propellers are 100% CNC machined to hair thickness accuracy over every square inch of the propeller, including the boss and high BAR overlapping blade propellers. This means we can manufacture exactly what we design and guaranteeing your performance.

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In-house Alloying

VEEM are one of the only propeller manufacturers in the world with the capabilities and expertise to undertake all metal alloying in house. This guarantees all materials are of the highest quality and every propeller is manufactured to perfection.

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