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If you haven’t heard already, VEEM Ltd is about to revolutionize the marine boating and yachting industry when they release the VEEM Gyro 40 roll stabilizer later this year.

VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizers are the latest and the most powerful addition to the marine stabilization industry, boasting up to an incredible 95% reduction in rolling motion at both rest and at high speeds. The VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer is designed and manufactured specifically for use on large vessels and small ships and is a sure cure to your seasickness.

Motion sickness can take a real toll on many boating operations whether it be leisure, work boat or military operations. In an article released by The American Legion Magazine, motion sickness in the military and on workboats effects 30% of crews in moderate weather and up to 100% of crews in really bad weather. Scientists have tried many remedies for motion sickness but they can now start prescribing the VEEM Gyrostabilizer, the cure for any boating application.

VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizers can significantly improve a vessel’s operability by decreasing the amount of time spent waiting for weather conditions to improve, lowering scheduling uncertainty and fostering a more productive and comfortable crew. For defence services, a VEEM Gyrostabilizer can significantly improve crew endurance, performance and comfort in extended deployment situations, an issue that has been facing the industry for centuries.

The VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer works by resisting the rolling motion of passing waves by generating an opposing rolling torque. This is done through a spinning flywheel that is configured on a vertical spin axis in a boat or yacht to act as a stabilizing system. Once the flywheel is set spinning it has angular momentum that will counteract vessel rolling motion. The VEEM Gyro can be retro fitted to your vessel or yacht or can be part of your new-building program, and should be considered in conjunction with VEEM Propellers. VEEM Propellers are manufactured to the highest quality and produce little to no cavitation at the highest speeds, reducing vibration on board your vessel and improving the smoothness of the ride.

The combination of VEEM Propellers and a new VEEM Gyro will surely combat your seasickness and revolutionize the marine industry.

To learn more about the VEEM Gyro head to and read their new whitepaper, How Gyros Create Stabilizing Torque. Alternatively you can contact Stephen Vincent or Paul Steinman at about curing your seasickness.