VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer Applications

The VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer range is suitable for a variety of applications and vessels ranging between 65′ and 300’+. Explore the benefits of VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizers for each application below as well as sea trials and references.


Being aboard a superyacht should be an enjoyable experience from the moment you arrive to the second you step back onto dry land. Regardless of whether you are at anchor or underway, the comfort of you and your guests is always important.

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Patrol boats and mine hunters spend a large proportion of their operational time at low speeds where traditional fin stabilisers do not work effectively. A VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer can significantly improve a vessel’s operability and the crew’s endurance, performance and comfort.

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Wave motion is one of the few external forces which has the capacity to negatively impact the operating envelope and profits for offshore boats, regardless of the size of vessel. What’s more, even the most sheltered harbours can suffer unpleasant wave induced motion, that can reduce crew performance, deck safety and increase the time it takes to perform essential tasks.

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