Industry-leading marine gyrostabilizers and propellers.

VEEM Ltd has been pushing the boundaries of marine technology and innovation for over 55 years. With the most advanced commercial facilities in the world, and decades of experience working with leading boat builders and naval architects, the VEEM Marine range of gyro stabilizer and propeller products outperforms everything else.

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Leading the world in marine technology manufacturing

VEEM has been pushing the boundaries of manufacturing innovation since 1968, enabling marine vessels to achieve higher speeds, better fuel economy, and lower noise and vibration. Our passion for performance and innovation is supported by manufacturing and engineering excellence, the evidence of which is in leading results and outstanding performance for vessels all over the world.

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Gyro stabilizers

Extremely powerful gyro stabilizers offer up to 95% roll reduction for vessels from 50 – 3000 tonnes.

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High-performing fixed pitch boat propellers 500mm (20″) – 4.6m (15′) with optional Interceptor™ technology.

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Shaft Lines

Complete shaft-line solutions that reduce drag, support performance and improve fuel consumption.

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Supporting global shipbuilders

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Service and Support

Learn more about VEEM Marine servicing, spare parts, telemetry and remote servicing.

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