VEEM Interceptor™ Technology

VEEM’s patented Interceptor™ technology allows propellers to be effectively re-pitched without lifting the vessel. A diver can replace the slide-in interceptor strips in minutes, to adjust for variations in vessel displacement, water temperature, hull fouling condition, or even the required operational profile.

The same set of propellers can be optimized for long range cruising or for flat-out speed, according to the owners requirement. VEEM Interceptor™ technology has revolutionized the propeller industry by enabling the relative pitch of each propeller blade to be altered in situ to enhance performance.

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How it works

The Interceptor™ design is an adjustable protrusion on the trailing edge of the pressure face of the blade to produce a surface discontinuity. The protrusion is arranged with an included angle equal to or less than 90 degrees which causes a ‘wedge’ of circulating fluid to be captured. This ‘wedge’ of fluid induces a local increase in lift in this region of the foil section, without the associated frictional drag from alternative foil sections. Furthermore, the effective pitch of the blade foil section is dependent on the relative height of the interceptor strip.

Interceptor™ strips come in different heights and shapes, adjusting the relative pitch of each propeller blade and in turn, changing its performance. This means that you can use all the engine power of your vessel regardless of varying conditions like load weight or changing water temperatures.

Interceptor™ fitted propellers are at the forefront of fixed pitch propeller technology around the world, allowing users to ‘Splash and Forget™’ their boats by providing adjustments to the relative pitch of their installed propellers whilst the boat is in the water, removing the costly need to lift the boat to have the propellers changed or modified.

Propellers that come standard with Interceptor™ Technology

VEEM Interceptor™ technology comes standard on a range of VEEM Marine Propellers including the VEEMStar series and VEEMSportfish series. Interceptor™ technology is optional on the VEEMSuperyacht series and the VEEMSurf series.



VEEMSuperyacht *optional

VEEMSurf *optional

Interceptor™ Strip Calculator

Use this calculator to discover the effective pitch of each Interceptor™ pitch strip and determine which one is right for you.

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Order Interceptor™ Strips

Order VEEM Interceptor™ Strips right here. Interceptor Strips Come in Packs of 10.

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Interceptor™ Strip Removal Tool

The Interceptor™ Strip removal tool is a simple product created by the VEEM team to support the smooth insertion and removal of VEEM Interceptor™ Strips underwater and on land.

How it works:

  1. Strips are removed by sliding them toward the hub with assistance from the Interceptor™ Strip removal tool.
  2. Cut the new Interceptor™ Strips to equal length and ensure the grooves are clean.
  3. Insert new Interceptor™ Strips by sliding them in from the hub towards the tip.
  4. The colour strip is inserted first, pushing it all the way towards the tip, followed by the white strip.

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