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Gyro stabilizers that significantly reduces the possibility of sea sickness

Vessels from 50 – 3000 tonnes

The World’s Most Powerful Gyroscopic Stabilizers

Wave motion is one of the few external forces which has the capacity to negatively impact your time on board a superyacht, reduce the operating envelope and profits for offshore vessels and decrease crew performance regardless of the size of the vessel. The VEEM Marine Gyro stabilizer offer up to 95% roll reduction in rough sea conditions for vessels up to 3000 tonnes. They are designed and manufactured to absolute perfection and guarantee you less motion, and more ocean onboard.

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Up to 95% roll reduction

At rest and underway.

Torque value

More torque per $, kg and volume than any other gyrostabilizer.

Extremely Quiet

As low as 65 dbA on most models.

No drag.

No external appendages to slow you down or cost you fuel.

Find the right VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer for your Vessel.

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Suitable for vessels 65' - 90'
Angular momentum: 52 [kN.m.s]
Rated Stabilizing Torque: 120 [kN.m]
1.7m x 1.6m x 1.2m


Suitable for vessels 90' - 120'
Angular momentum: 70 [kN.m.s]
Rated Stabilizing Torque: 145 [kN.m]
1.7m x 1.6m x 1.2m


Suitable for vessels 110' - 135'
Angular momentum: 100 [kN.m.s]
Rated Stabilizing Torque: 260 [kN.m]
2.1m x 2.1m x 1.6m


Suitable for vessels 130' - 165'
Angular momentum: 140 [kN.m.s]
Rated Stabilizing Torque: 260 [kN.m]
2.1m x 2.1m x 1.6m


Suitable for vessels 130' - 250'+
Angular momentum: 520 [kN.m.s]
Rated Stabilizing Torque: 1000 [kN.m]
3.4m x 3.1m x 2.5m


Suitable for vessels 165' - 300'+
Angular momentum: 750 [kN.m.s]
Rated Stabilizing Torque: 1000 [kN.m]
3.4m x 3.1m x 2.5m

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