Propeller Technology

From the earliest days of screw production, propeller manufacturing has relied on the limitations of pattern molding to produce high performance propulsion systems. It was the redefining of this process and other technology innovations that have taken VEEM to the forefront of the marine propulsion industry around the world.

With propellers already achieving speeds up to 50 knots and better back-down performance than any other propeller on the market, VEEM propellers continue to push the boundaries of marine innovation to deliver manufacturing perfection, precise designs, and the highest performing propellers in the world.

Patternless Propeller Castings

By eliminating old-fashioned patterns from our manufacturing process, our team of propulsion design specialists is free to specify exactly what the vessel needs in order to meet its specific performance requirements.

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100% CNC Machined

Unlike competitors, VEEM propellers are 100% CNC machined to hair thickness accuracy over every square inch of the propeller, including the boss and high BAR overlapping blade propellers. This means we can manufacture exactly what we design and guaranteeing your performance.

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In-house Alloying

VEEM are one of the only propeller manufacturers in the world with the capabilities and expertise to undertake all metal alloying in house. This guarantees all materials are of the highest quality and every propeller is manufactured to perfection.

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VEEM Interceptor™ Technology

Adjust the relative pitch of each propeller blade in situ to enhance performance.

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Propeller Performance

VEEM delivers an entirely bespoke design for every propeller that maximises the performance of your vessel.

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