GyroSim is VEEM’s proprietary time-domain numerical rolling motion simulator tool that evaluates the impact of different VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer installations under different wave operational conditions.

The VEEM GyroSim report presents these findings across different charts, graphs and calculations that look at wave profile comparisons and gyro states (eg. VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer models on and off).


GyroSim insights

VEEM’s GyroSim proprietary software is able to provide accurate roll reduction performance predictions across a range of wave profiles for vessel data provided. This means that you are able to see exactly how the VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer will reduce roll motion on your vessel and reduces the possibility of getting sea sickness.

GyroSim presents a variety of different information unique to your vessel and expected wave conditions. Some of these reports are presented below.

If you would like VEEM to produce a GyroSim report for your vessel please contact us. 

Resonant Roll Reduction

Evaluates the percentage reduction in RMS roll angle in resonant waves. Resonant waves are when the wave period is equal to the natural rolling period of the vessel. Resonant wave conditions create the largest rolling angles, often associated with discomfort and sea sickness.

Roll Reduction in Various Wave Conditions

The Roll Reduction in Various Wave Conditions chart presents the percentage reduction in RMS rolling angle (degrees) for a range of wave periods (Tp) and significant wave heights (Hs). The wave period presented is the ‘peak’ period from the wave spectrum used to generate the wave elevation time series in the simulation. The wave height is the ‘significant’ wave height used to generate the wave elevation time series in the simulation. The ‘significant’ wave height is defined as the average of the 1/3rd highest waves that occur during the simulation. Traditionally this has been thought to represent the wave height that a professional mariner will report by observing any given sea condition.

GyroSize Calculator

Get a VEEM Gyro Size estimate estimate instantly for your vessel across different wave profiles

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Gyrostabilizer Technology

How marine Gyrostabilizers work.

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