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UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE R/V Hugh R. Sharp installed with VEEM propellers Image source: UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE

Trawlers and workboats require a propeller that offers maximum thrust, smoothness, and manoeuvrability, whilst offering maximum fuel economy. Our bespoke VEEM propellers are designed to achieve the highest propulsive efficiency and performance. The efficiency of our products translates to improved fuel economy and increased vessel speed. Choosing a VEEM Skewplan propeller can increase bollard pull by up to 10% in some cases.

VEEM manufactures a range of commercial propellers that no other manufacturer can match. Here are some reasons why:

VEEM Propellers are of the highest strength by using NiBrAl.
VEEM in-house alloying ensures each propeller is manufactured using the most reputable materials and highest quality products. Each propeller has the highest level of corrosion resistance, strength and reparability available. This has been perfected through years of extensive research and development.

VEEM Propellers are fuel-efficient.
The propulsive efficiency of VEEM products is second to none. The freedom our designers enjoy due to VEEM’s proprietary integrated design and fully CNC machined manufacturing processes allows the delicate balance of maximum thrust with minimum losses to be carefully and thoroughly considered for every product.  Bespoke sections, pitch distribution, profile, skew, and tip geometry treatments combine to produce ultra-high efficiency propellers.

VEEM Ltd have manufactured a range of propellers to suit a variety of commercial vessels. For trawlers, pusher boats, and tugs with nozzles, VEEM offer traditional designs such as the VEEMKaplan. While the VEEMSkewplan design is perfect for vessels requiring ultimate thrust, smoothness and efficiency. Low speed work boats without nozzles fitted benefit from VEEMStar designs, providing excellent thrust and manoeuvrability.