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The VEEM Gyro 120 has completed a very successful sea trial off the coast of Western Australia this week with video footage that needs to be seen to be believed.

The sea trial, which was carried out as part of VEEM’s in-house testing of the VG120 were in beam seas, drifting at zero forward speed in a NE direction and demonstrated an impressive 85% roll reduction in RMS roll angles. These figures were recorded during the trials and the video footage of the tests and the rolling angle data are a demonstration of just how powerful this unit is.

The test vessel used is a local harbour tug boat that was selected for its convenient location and flexible availability. She is a 70 tonne, 5.2 beam harbour towing tug. The VG120 unit was bolted down on the aft deck of the tug for the trial.

You can see a portable genset is also located on the aft deck. During this trial the VG120 unit demanded 12kw of 3 phase power.

A new SW swell rolled in on the morning of the trial. At 10:00am when the trials were carried out, the seaway comprised of a SW 11.5 second period swell at 0.9m significant wave-height, and a SW 4.2 second period wind-sea at 0.75m significant wave-height.



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