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VEEM Limited, Australian manufacturer of VEEM Gyro roll stabilizer, announces the release of a new model to add to its range of anti-roll gyro stabilizers.

The new model is called the VEEM Gyro 145 (or VG145) and is an evolution from the VG120 model. The VG145 is 20% more powerful in stabilizing effect than the VG120 model, but contained within exactly the same envelope size and weight as the VG120, making the stabilizing torque density of this product a real game changer for motor yachts around 30m (100’) in length.

The VG145 has been enabled by new bearing technology that has allowed VEEM to spin the flywheel in the gyro stabilizer 20% faster whilst maintaining excellent service life, and drawing no more power from the vessel it is installed in. With internal space in a luxury motor yacht becoming ever more valuable, this improvement in stabilizing torque density offers shipbuilders and yacht owners more for less.

A key development focus for this product was capture the increased performance whilst maintaining exceptional service life and long intervals between over-haul, without increasing the size or weight of the new model over the VG120. In order to do this VEEM has made judicious material substitutions for critical components. The base frame structure is now 100% machined from high strength marine grade solid aluminium plate.

The VG145 and the VG120 also have a single phase power supply option. The single phase power option features slightly modified power electronics on the gyros, that are otherwise similar to the 3-phase variants.

VEEM Managing Director, Mark Miocevich says “The single phase power supply option has been developed in direct response to requests from some of our key customers. The smaller VEEM Gyro models are now able to be directly installed in a much larger range of vessels, without the shipyard needing to provide power conversion to 3-phase.”


VEEM Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of disruptive, high-technology marine propulsion and stabilization systems for the global luxury motor yacht, fast ferry, commercial workboat and defence industries.