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The very first Taiwan International Boat Show concluded last weekend after attracting over 70,000 visitors from all over the world including China, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Visitors queued for over 2 hours to get a look at a large range of spectacular 40m yachts displayed inside the magnificent Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, and they were not disappointed.

Taiwan is a renowned country for established, custom boat building within a relatively concentrated geographic area. Their high, worldwide reputation for yacht and boat building quality and craftsmanship was no surprise to the visitors of the show, that opened with more than 60 magnificent yachts and sold 36 of them over the weekend.

VEEM Propellers debuted in Taiwan with their patented, and extremely popular fixed blade propeller range that has an emphasis on the fully CNC machined surfaces and optional adjustable pitch, Interceptor technology. VEEM also introduced to Taiwan the new VEEM Gyro stabilization products and the interactive website that allows boat builders or vessel owners to investigate the optimum Gyro installations to provide vessel stabilization equivalent to their operating profile.

Stephen Vincent, Global Sales Manager for VEEM Ltd commented on the show with great feedback; “[Taiwan] was a very impressive first show. We believe that as the global recovery continues, Taiwan will again move to the forefront of Asian vessel production, and this show enabled VEEM to form relationships with representatives of many of these builders, particularly given the new show is supported by members of the Taiwanese Yacht Builders Association.”

It is expected the show will give boosts to all businesses in the boating supply chain, including boat manufacturers, hardware makers, and boat maintenance providers. Lai Jui-lung from the Marine Bureau supported Taiwan’s first boat show, and quotes that “A US$1 investment in the yacht industry could create US$10 worth of business opportunities”.

The Kaohsiung government is now working toward the creation of an industrial park dedicated to yacht manufacturing and the development of the marine recreation industry in the southern city, which will offer many opportunities for the marine industry to expand in Taiwan in the future.


VEEM Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of disruptive, high-technology marine propulsion and stabilization systems for the global luxury motor yacht, fast ferry, commercial workboat and defence industries.