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VEEM announces actively driven option for all VEEM Gyro models

By August 23, 2015January 8th, 2021No Comments

VEEM Limited, Australian manufacturer of VEEM Gyro stabiliser announces that the complete VEEM Gyro model line-up will now be fitted for an optional actively driven precession (ADP) system. ADP will have advantages for vessels with longer rolling periods, so is primarily aimed at megayacht and commercial vessel applications. The system is able to be switched on as required, and the gyro will continue to operate with active braking only, when hydraulic power is not available.

Describing the new ADP option, the VEEM Gyro Product Manager, Paul Steinmann says, “We have developed this optional product offering in direct response to feedback from some megayacht builders and commercial vessel operators. For these larger vessel applications, there are real performance improvements in some wave environments. For the majority of superyachts, I expect that it will be specified very rarely. However, now our customers have the choice. ADP can be retro-fit to existing VEEM Gyro installations if desired.”

The VEEM Gyro will be on display at Monaco Yacht Show, Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and METS this year, with the VEEM Product Manager Paul Steinmann on hand to answer any queries. Limited numbers of the VG120 model are now available, and the VG260 model will ship before the end of this year’s show season.

The model range includes the VEEM Gyro 120, VEEM Gyro 260 and VEEM Gyro 1000. The name of each model reflects the rated stabilizing torque developed (in kNm). The model range has been specifically developed for Superyachts from 27m in length upwards to megayachts.

Very successful sea trials of the VG120 in the waters off Fremantle, Western Australia have now emphatically proven the previously claimed performance of the VEEM Gyros. Video footage and documentation of these trials is available on request at the company’s website (see contacts below).

The VEEM Gyro 1000 will offer a previously unimaginable level of stabilizing torque from a gyro stabilizer, providing the large superyacht and mega yacht community with an exciting new level of enhanced vessel operational comfort both at rest and underway. The VG1000 will be released with ADP as optional supply. This model will be available early in 2017, and interested parties are invited to discuss production slots for this product to match new vessel build project schedules currently in planning.

VEEM Limited is a renowned manufacturer of innovative products for the tournament fishing boat, luxury motor yacht, and military and fast ferry industries. Operating from a 10500m^2 facility in Perth, Western Australia since 1968, the company was responsible for the very successful patented Interceptor propeller technology that allows the effective pitch of VEEM propellers to be altered, without even slipping the vessel. In addition to it’s product offerings, VEEM also manufactures stabilizing fins for the US Navy LCS vessel program, Austal Ships fast ferries, and both the Australian Naval and Customs Service Patrol Boat fleets. The VEEM Gyro is the company’s most recent innovative marine product development.

Details of show appearances for the VEEM Gyro can be seen on the company’s website at

Media Contact : Mr Paul Steinmann (Gyro Product Manager).

+61 412 042 330

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VEEM Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of disruptive, high-technology marine propulsion and stabilization systems for the global luxury motor yacht, fast ferry, commercial workboat and defence industries.