The new VEEMScan 2000 will scan propellers up to 80 inch (or 2m) diameter and comes complete with frame, scanning head, all software and most importantly, the famed ‘calibration artefact”, this circular, saw tooth shaped calibration artefact enables the VEEMScan 2000 operator to calibrate the machine on a regular basis ensuring perfect accuracy of scanning over the life of the machine.

Not being able to calibrate propeller scanning machines has long been a problem for the propeller supply and repair industry, an issue that VEEM recognised & resolved with the release of the first VEEMScan in 2007.

VEEMScan is a VEEM “in-house” developed system aimed at enhanced and simplified dimensional inspection of propellers. VEEMScan incorporates software, measuring hardware and special tools for system calibration and validation.

Some existing systems use basic, non-absolute nor incremental measuring systems as well as poor diagnostic or calibration facilities, reliance on custom made measuring components and high reliance on operator skill to avoid accumulation errors due to hardware design.

The VEEMScan is a flexible system that provides improved accuracy, lower uncertainty and offers tools to validate the system performance, and includes known and logical maths in geometry analysis functions, is highly configurable, makes use of existing hardware where possible and has a familiar output.

The VEEMScan 2000 retails at $45,000USD.

Please contact Charmaine Chong at for more information and to purchase.

VEEM Scan 2000
VEEM Scan 2000