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VEEM is very pleased to be able to share exciting news about the release of the new upgraded ​versions of the VG120, and the VG145 gyro stabilizers.

​As you know, through VEEM’s continual research and development, the VG145 became available last year with 48 kN.m.s ​of angular momentum to meet the demands of the market.Further research, development and testing, by the hard working and highly skilled engineering team at VEEM, has provided yet another opportunity to significantly enhance the capability of the existing VG120 and VG145. This has lead to development, and now release, of the new VEEM VG120SD and the VG145SD.

These models are designated the ‘Super Duty range’ and are much heavier duty than any other gyro on the market.

The new upgraded VG120SD features 35% more angular momentum whilst retain​ing 120 kN.​m of torque, this significant increase in power still comes with all of the quality,​ ​durability and serviceability advantages of the existing VEEM Gyro range.

​T​he new upgraded VG120​SD retains exactly the same frame dimensions and weight as the existing VG120, the flywheel shape has been changed and rpm has been increased from 4000 to 4800 ​PRM to provide the additional angular momentum, all this without compromising the extended bearing life. Electric power level is 14 kW (up by 2 kW) and the noise level is still 66 dB.

The list price of the new upgraded VG120​SD ​ remains the same at USD $​256,500.

The new upgraded VG145SD is a very exciting technological development, and still retains 145 kN.m of torque but increases the angular momentum to 70​ k​N.​m.s​. This amazing outcome was achieved by a combination of changes including the mass of the flywheel, the RPM (also up to 4800RPM) of the flywheel and a strengthening of a number of major components throughout the machine, all this whilst maintaining the long life and low cost maintenance regime previously enjoyed by the existing model.

The most amazing feature of the new upgraded VG145SD is that it retains the same external dimensions as the VG120! The weight increase is 300kgs, which increases the total weight to 3,000 kgs The power increase is only 1 kW (up to 15 kW) and the noise levels increases by 1 dB to 67 dB.

The list price of the VG145​SD will be USD $337,857

Both of these new, more powerful gyros come with a choice of single phase or three phase supply included in the price.

2018 pricing for the VEEM Gyros will be as follows:

 Model  Power N.m/kN.m.s  MRSP [USD]
 VG120SD​ (avail now)​  120/52  $25​6,500
 VG145SD​ (avail June)​  145/70  $337,857
 VG260SD​ (avail June)  260/100  $​447,930​
 VG1000​SD​ ​(avail Dec)  1000/520  ​$1,714,2​80​

VEEM Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of disruptive, high-technology marine propulsion and stabilization systems for the global luxury motor yacht, fast ferry, commercial workboat and defence industries.