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Once you have accessed the Gyrosize online calculator and decided what VEEM Gyrostabiliser configuration(s) best suit your yacht, speak to VEEM about a dedicated numerical analysis using our GyroSim software.

A GyroSIM analysis specific to your yacht will provide detailed performance predictions of roll reduction for a wide range of operating conditions. GyroSIM is VEEM’s proprietary time domain numerical yacht rolling motion simulator. GyroSIM can analyse a large number of time domains and realistic irregular wave operational conditions with various VEEM Gyro installation options.

Time domain simulations evaluate the actual behaviour of the system at very small time steps along the way, taking as an input a realistic irregular (random) seaway based on known mathematical representations. It considers the actual active precission controller used on the VEEM Gyro units, and simulates the motion of the vessel in random realistic waves with the gyro switched of and with the gyro switched on. The result of a large number of rigorous time domain simulations is presented in a very informative colour contour plots that give the percentage roll angle reduction at a large number of wave height and period combinations

VEEM Gyrosim

VEEM Gyrosim

To use the chart, simply select a wave height and period combination and read off the predicted percentage roll reduction from the contour.

Overall, this analysis allows the actual control system to be modelled and any realistic limitations of this system are modelled. The resulting performance predictions may be lower than those predicted by the more simple frequency domain analysis method. At VEEM we believe that we should deal with the complexity of the problem so that you get realistic predictions of performance, not a simplified and overly optimistic estimate that can never be achieved in actual operation.

This technology all combines to mean that you get more realistic predictions of performance. Take advantage of VEEM’s exceptional pre-sale technical support and take away the risk of stabilisation that does not meet your overall expectations. Enquire today.


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