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Recent sea trials performed off the coast of Fremantle, WA produced exceptional results for a 60m vessel featuring VEEM’s largest gyrostabilizer, VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer VG520SD.

An experienced Australian yacht owner purchased a Damen YS 5009 exploration vessel to extend and refit for long range cruising and exploration.

It was an important project objective for the customer to reduce the roll in order to provide a comfortable, stable and safe platform for the vessel in a variety of scenarios, including underway, at anchor, undertaking helicopter operations, launching and recovering large tenders and hosting guests.

The hull was extended to enlarge the deck area to allow it to accommodate larger tenders and a beach club module. This provided the perfect opportunity to configure the aft compartment for the VG520SD.

By closely following VEEM Marine’s installation guidelines, and selecting the best available ancillary equipment for powering, cooling and controlling the gyrostabilizer, the result was an installation that is easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

Sea trials were successfully performed in August 2021, achieving an impressive roll reduction in vessel rolling motions.

Client representatives and crew on board during the trials were impressed with the reduction in vessel rolling and subsequent rapid improvement to comfort when the VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer was turned on.

“I was very surprised with how well it worked and how instantly it worked. From being on the vessel for three years, this has made a major improvement to the vessel,” says Mr Braeden Carruthers, M/Y UMBRA Captain.

The successful installation and performance of the VEEM Marine Gyrostabilizer is further evidence VEEM Marine is the world leader in large gyrostabilizers for the maritime industry.


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