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VEEM Marine are proud to partner with fellow West Australian-based companies Fine Entry Marine and Global Marine Design in the delivery of an innovative new 23.9m Aluminium Offshore Patrol Vessel for Tasmania Police.

The vessel’s planned operational functions include search and rescue response, marine safety enforcement, patrolling of State and Commonwealth Marine Reserves and State security operations. This will see it operate around all of Tasmania’s coastline out to 200 nautical miles, with a range of 1000 nautical miles.

The need for sophisticated technologies was identified early on, in order to satisfy two key considerations:

  1. Ensuring the marine police could operate effectively in adverse weather conditions at any time of day or night
  2. Delivery of enhanced occupational health and safety features

The inclusion of a VEEM Marine gyrostabiliser will offer greater onboard functionality for Tasmania Police and help satisfy the two key considerations listed above. A VG52SD gyrostabiliser has been selected for installation onboard the new vessel to provide a more stable operating platform which will reduce fatigue and increase crew comfort and safety significantly.

Global Commercial Manager, Brett Silich commented that, “We are proud to be working with a number of industry leaders that recognise the excellent operational results that can be produced when their design is combined with a VEEM Marine gyrostabiliser. It is a testament to the product and the team that the VEEM Marine gyrostabiliser was ultimately selected as essential equipment. In particular, we look forward to working with Fine Entry Marine and Global Marine Design to prove to the industry that the use of gyrostabilisers can help deliver safer, more cost effective and flexible vessel solutions.”

In a first for policing vessels within Australia, VEEM Marine are working closely with Global Marine Design, Fine Entry Marine and their client Tasmania Police to lead the way forward for offshore patrol vessels. It’s a great opportunity to showcase how the inclusion of innovative technologies can deliver the increased safety, fit-for-purpose and value for money solutions the industry seeks.

Tasmania Police’s first-class marine and rescue service will be even better equipped for marine rescues, fisheries enforcement and protection of State marine resources with this new police vessel,” said Assistant Commissioner Specialist Support Adrian Bodnar. Read more from Tasmania Police here.

Delivery of the new vessel is scheduled for early 2024. Learn more about VEEM Marine gyrostabiliser technology and applications in the defence industry here.


Cover image courtesy of Tasmania Police.


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