Shaft Line Packages

Whether your shaft-line includes thrust bearings, shaft joiners, multiple struts, compound seals, shaft breaks, intermediate shafts, stepped/sleeved shafts, PTO’s or even hybrid motors, VEEM has the experience and expertise to provide you with an integrated shaft-line package that meets all of your needs.

High Performance Design

VEEM’s comprehensive suite of design, modeling, simulation and analysis software allows a shaft-line solution to be tailored and optimized to suit your particular requirements. With ever more importance being placed on fuel consumption in the yacht industry a shaft-line package with low drag and high propulsive thrust is critical when pushing the limits of yacht fuel efficiency and performance.

Benefits of a VEEM Package Solution

‘Splash and Forget™’ is a phrase often used by VEEM and this mantra is what drives us in the design, development and manufacture of complete shaft-line packages. The ability to install a high quality shaft-line package that has been completely tested and pre-assembled, saves the builder countless hours in installation and also avoids the horror of encountering problems such as leaks, vibration and component failure.